Marathon S2W11-12

School is finally wrapping up, we have one week left and that’s all folks. Luckily, all my professors have set this week to be the last week and I have the next week open! I just finished all my school work so I will be writing more frequently now and get back into reading as well.

Week 11 was a de-load week and I am all for it. The program I am following is smart for doing this because the week after the de-load I feel so much better. My legs feel stronger and I feel like I can run 100 miles. Ironically enough, week 12 was high mileage and it felt like I ran 100 miles. there was two fast paced workouts and an 18 mile long run. Brutal is the word for that amount of work but, it went surprisingly well!

I have to take a moment to talk about something that has been a game changer for me. My dad recently introduced me to super beet juice. It’s a powder that you mix and drink. He has been taking it because his legs were retaining a lot of water making it uncomfortable for him to walk. He ended up losing a good amount of weight and even when we went to an amusement park he had much more stamina and little discomfort. So, I thought it might help me with my legs. I cannot emphasize enough how much that has changed my running and my recovery. My legs no longer feel exhausted for days after a run. my knees feel good. My feet( they were the ones that bothered me the most last marathon training) have never felt better. It’s incredible. i highly recommend if you suffer with lower leg stiffness and pain to look into super beets. I got it from amazon.

Anyways. my biggest highlight of the past two weeks has been the 18 mile run. my brother-in-law was over for the weekend and we were able to run it together and it went really well. my game plan of fueling every three miles has been working pretty well. I will now try to up my intake of more available carbs for this weeks 20 mile run. Im so glad for running packs and gu’s. I’ve just been using the regular gu’s that they sell in the stores but I want to try spring energy Gu’s this time around. they have more calories and they have caffeine, which I thought gave me more energy during the run.

And that about wraps up my last two weeks of training. Thank you for reading, i hope you found this helpful and that you keep on training! till next week!

3 responses to “Marathon S2W11-12”

  1. I’m so glad that you found confort for your legs with this super beets supplement as I did. Now keep it on and get to the finish line Hijo. Love you very much.


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