Marathon S2W13

This week was many things all at once. first of all, it was finals week. Fortunately, I was able to finish my finals no problem and got everything done without a hitch. Secondly, it was the weekend of a concert in Santa Clara. My sister bought me concert tickets to watch Coldplay live! Finally, it was the peak of training week. with a maximal run at 20 miles! It was jam packed so technically this was the first week where I really struggled in training.

First off, since last weeks long run of 18 miles, it took me about two days to recover. my legs still felt a little off so I didn’t want to run and injure myself this close to the marathon. So I pushed back my runs a day and that threw off my schedule a bit. Then the day before the long run we took that long drive down to San Jose to visit my sister and her husband for the concert. My cousin also went so we made a trip out of it and went to San Francisco. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to run that day. so I missed technically two days of training.

Now the long run was difficult. Having traveled I didn’t prepare as I should for the run. So, I went into the run under-fueled and underprepared and cramped around mile 14. at that point I just slowed it down and tried to get as much done as I could ending my run short at 18 miles. The rest of the day was pretty hard on my body but the concert did ease my pain a bit while there. It was such a cool concert. extremely well thought out and amazing performances by those who opened and Coldplay themselves. It was a great time.

My mind, when I cramped up, wanted to go to instant doom. Every thought wanted to say that I wasn’t ready and I didn’t train hard enough. I even thought I wasn’t made for running but I wrestled those thoughts away. I can’t take a single instance where training didn’t go my way and call myself a failure. I put in as much time as I could in this training. I’ve trained smart and put in the time to make sure I came into this marathon as physically prepared as I can. I had to fall back on the weeks of work and remind myself it’s not the end of the world. I had to seek the positive in the negative.

Overall I learned that I need to make sure to take my electrolytes before, during, and after the run. I also learned that I need to prepare myself with the proper nutrition during the race. Heat is also a major factor in my performance. the main difference between the 18 mile run last week and this week was the temperature. it rained last week while I ran and this week it was about 15-20 degrees hotter than last time. So its even more essential that I prepare beforehand. at least I know now and not race day! I’m planning to buy another water pack for the race. I can’t believe that it’s almost here. it went by quicker than last time. 3 more weeks! Pray I stay healthy! Thanks!

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