It’s Been a While: Life update

Hello! welcome back, its been a while! how are you? I’m doing good.

No, I’m not talking to myself haha. I hope everyone is doing good. I have been doing pretty good having accomplished some goals and building towards creating new ones. I’ve had a long and busy summer so sit back and relax while I tell you about it and what my new goals are for the last quarter of the year.

With the summer coming to an end or having ended for a while there is not much to highlight after the marathon. My fitness goal after the marathon was to get back in the gym and lift, followed by light bouts of cardio and sporadic moments of just having fun. Simply, I wanted to just have fun exercising and getting better. To me, the thing that I see improve the fastest, compared to running, is lifting. I was able to get all my max lifts back up to what they were before starting training for a marathon three years ago, though with the added effect of gaining weight and losing a little bit of endurance ability.

When it comes to my personal life, I finally decided to move forward with working in insurance. It’s been a long process, but finally after much work and one or two things going wrong I passed my exams and am a fully licensed insurance provider. I’m glad I finally got through it all because its given me a little bit more freedom to focus on other things, even if for just a little while. not long after getting my last license I had to go back to school so now I am in that grind as well. It’s okay, it’s only temporary and I’m excited to get things moving.

One of my new goals is to work on side hustles. with school coming to a close in 10-14 weeks I’ll finally be able to chase after some things that I have been wanting to do but haven’t had the time for or the capitol to get into. For example; my next venture will be into the world of investing. Once I’ve paid off my credit cards and school debt, I hope to start really investing in the stock market and get good with it, as well as start saving money for a real investment in properties.

I also want to get into selling products that I create to get a little more passive income. I want to practice my drawing skills so I can maybe start selling some artwork. I also would like to create a PDF of my experience as a beginner in the running circle and get people into the world of running. At least, that’s what I am thinking of in the short term. Long term I want to get better at writing short stories so I can one day write a book. that to me right now is a far off dream but I know with practice and patience I can get there eventually, like a marathon.

One major thing I’ve learned in this time is that there is no limit to what you can accomplish. I’ve always felt stuck with the little amount of time that we have in the day but I now see that life is not a sprint but a long run. It’s all about getting 1% better each day at what you love and keep moving forward even if, and when, there are obstacles in your way. Keeping my mind open about the future has opened up new horizons. It’s like a splash of new color has been painted on what I once thought as mundane and trivial. All the little trivial things have a meaning. Everything we do is important and helps build us to our future and reach our potential.

That’s basically what I want to share with you. It doesn’t matter how old, or young, or unknowledgeable you are right now, if you keep moving in the direction of your goals, you can reach them. Don’t let people tell you any different.

Anyways, Thank you for following and I hope to write more in the following weeks when I have time. God bless!

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